Online Mastering by Jack Braglia

Selecting the right mastering studio for your band’s music is one of the most important choices in the production process. Being a struggling musician with a limited budget can make the choice very difficult. Although it can be tough, it certainly is now evolving to be easier with the appearance of the net. Bringing bands and mastering studios together with the click of a mouse.

A superb master is a necessary key to success for every band who wants to get the most out of his/her musical recordings. Mastering is the final processing of an audio project before it is sent off for duplication or distribution. It is vital to finalize any audio project professionally. The process of mastering achieves a clarity increase for any production. Mastering does the last touches to the music, adding clarity, transparency, depth and detail to a album. Mastering alters the dynamics, the frequency balance and the stereo field to enhance the song.


At the studio, a mastering engineer with well-trained ears will carefully listen to customers’ songs under perfect rooms with fresh ears, using a high-end loudspeaker system and high-quality signal converters. The engineer will be able to fix any issues that may have happened in the recording and mixing process.

Classically, mastering studios offer band-attended sessions, with the customers watching the mastering process. These days, with the web giving artists the choice to hire with any studio, located anywhere in the world, bands have many more options to choose a mastering facility that perfectly suit their needs. Browsing the web, you will discover a variety of companies providing so-called online mastering facility. When compared to a conventional attended session, an online mastering engineer exchanges all song files with the customers over the internet. There are quite a few of advantages for the customer, for example, speedier turnaround times and cheaper rates.

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